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Standalone Financial Results as on 31-12-2018.
BM Notice 30012019.
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2018.
Notice of BM on 31102018.
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2018.
BF Utilities 18th Annual Report 2017-18.
Subsidiary Companies Annual Report 2017-18.
Standalone Financial Results as on 30-06-2018.
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2018.
Appointment of Additional Director.
Resignation of Director.
Consolidated Results March 31st, 2018.
Notice of BM on 30052018.
Standalone Financial Results as on 31-03-2018.
Notice of BM on 03052018.
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2018.
Standalone Financial Results as on 31-12-2017 .
Notice of BM 12022018 .
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2017.
Standalone Financial Results as on 30-09-2017.
Notice of BM on 11122017.
Voting Results of 17th AGM held on 06112017.
Proceedings of 17th AGM 06112017.
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2017.
ERRATTA to Annual Report 2016-17 - Page No. 16.
BF Utilities 17th Annual Report 2016-17.
17th AGM on 06112017.
Standalone Financial Results as on 30-06-2017 .
Notice of BM on 14092017.
Consolidated Results March 31st, 2017.
Notice of BM on 02092017.
Notice BM Postponed 09082017.
Notice of BM on 12082017.
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2017 .
Standalone Financial Results as on 31-03-2017 .
Notice of BM on 25052017.
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2017.
Corporate Announcement .
Standalone Financial Results as on 31-12-2016 .
Notice of BM on 07022017.
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2016.
Standalone Financial Results as on 30-09-2016.
Notice of BM on 10112016.
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2016.
Proceedings of 16th AGM
Disclosure of Voting Rights - 16th AGM
BF Utilities 16th Annual Report 2015-16
16th AGM on 30092016
Standalone Financial Results as on 30-06-2016
Consolidated Results as on 31-03-2016
Notice of BM on 06082016
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2016
Policy for prevention of Records BFUL
Policy Risk Management Policy BFUL
Policy for identification and material event BFUL
Policy FOR Determination of Materiality of Events BFUL
Risk Management Policy
Notice of BM on 16052016
March 31st, 2016
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2016
Change in Financial Year of the Company
Minutes of 15th AGM dtd. 02032016
Update 17032016
Outcome of 15th AGM
Proceeding of 15th AGM
BSE & NSE - clarification - increase in volume 2302201
December 31st, 2015.
Update .
Notice of BM on 13022016.
BF Utilities 15th Annual Report 2014-15.
Related Party Transaction Policy.
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2015.
15th AGM on 02032016
Annual Results for the QTR ended September 30th, 2015
Notice of BM to be held on 28112015
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2015
June 30th, 2015
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2015
Nomination and Remuneration Policy of BF Utilities Limited
Policy on Board Diversity of BF Utilities Limited
Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors of BF Utilities Limited
Policy on Determining Material Subsidiaries of BF Utilities Limited
Unaudited Results Quarter ended March 31st, 2015
Terms of Appt of Independent Directors
Change in Financial Year of the Company
Notice of BM on 15052015
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2015
Change in the Financial Year of the Company
Appointment of Woman Director as on 31032015
Appointment of CEO & CFO as on 31032015
Outcome of 14th AGM held on 30032015
Attendance Slip for 14th AGM..
Proxy Form for 14th AGM..
BF Utilities 14th Annual Report 2013-14.
AGM Notice 30-03-2015
Notice of BM on 03022015
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2014
Whistle Blower policy of BFUL 13082014
CSR Policy of BFUL 28112014
September 30th, 2014
BM Notice on 28112014
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2014
Unaudited Results Quarter ended June 30th, 2014
Notice of BM on 13082014
Notice of BM on 13082014
Outcome of EOGM held on 14072014
Corporate Presentation
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2014
EOGM Notice to be held on 14072014
Attendance Slip for EOGM Scheduled on 14-7-2014
EOGM Reschedule on 14072014
EOGM schedule on 30062014
Unaudited Results as on March 31, 2014
BM Notice on 13052014
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2014
Minutes of 13th AGM dated 24032014
Outcome of 13th AGM dated 24032014
Unaudited Results as on December 31st, 2013
BF Utilities Annual Report for 2012-13
AGM Notice 24-03-2014
BM Notice on 11-02-2014
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